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Custom Concrete, Personalized Lawn Care and Snow Removal :
(608) 444-1832
Custom Concrete, Personalized Lawn Care and Snow Removal :
(608) 444-1832

Lawn Services

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services

Providing a well groomed, straight line finished look
We use a wide variety of mowers, depending on the size of your property.

Our mowing services include:

  • String trimming edges, trees, fences and etc.
  • Blowing clippings back onto the lawn out of plant beds and tree rings
We provide mowing on:
  • Every week

Shrub Pruning: 
Lawn Works will provide a cured look to your shrubs. Whether it’s commercial or residential properties, Lawn Works will shape or thin your overgrown shrubs to make your landscape look primped.

Spring and Fall Clean-up:
We provide a wide variety of services in the Spring and Fall.

Mulch Installation
Mulch is a great decorating material, adding a layer of much to your planting beds helps suppress the weeds and retain soil moisture. Another benefit to mulch is it provides lots of color and enhances the overall landscape of your property.

Spring Services:
  • Removal of branches, leaves and all other debris that has collected in flower beds and lawns throughout the winter months (if this wasn’t serviced in the Fall).
  • We will haul away debris
  • We also fix plow damage to lawns.
Fall Services:
  • Remove leaves and debris from landscape beds and lawns and haul it away.
  • Clean gutters
  • Plant trees

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